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The iHealth Group has a multidisciplinary team focused on serving the health informatics industry. Our team has extensive experience in this topic, leading various projects of computerization of health centers (hospitals).

Digital health transformation will enable us to improve communication with our patients, improve the safety of our processes, expand our planning capacity, reduce costs, eliminate waste and, especially, do evidence-based management.

However, we must understand that it is not technology, but strategic management that will guide us correctly to the computerization of our health processes. ICT can not be a strategic goal, but an instrument to achieve a goal.

Our purpose

Revolutionize how to bring health to people.


People in 1st place; Connect as health information of the world; Innovate actions through technology; Search for new business models; Integrate the entire health system; Predict health behavior; Always question!

Our peaple & culture

We exceed expectations; Nothing is impossible; Less is more; Win wins; We return to the world a portion of our achievements; Inflexible Principles - Ethics, Respect, Transparency, Humanity, Humility; We are a people-based group.


The iHealth Group is available to help you with the following services

Clinical Modeling with OpenEHR

The iHealth Group offers the service of building Health Information Models using the openEHR framework. This model allows us to specify and share clinical content in two layers (clinical and computational). Composed of clinical models, which consist of archetypes and templates.

These require the use of thermologies, strengthening the automated clinical process, allowing clinical decision support and suggesting options for good quality care in the form of computerized care lines.

Coach in Project Management

iHealth offers project management consulting by aggregating health informatics knowledge for ICT teams or health stakeholders.

Methodologies such as Scrum, ITIL, Lean, Kanban, XP and PMBOK are the main management methodologies worked by iHealth.

We are aware of the challenges faced in the management of health projects, due to the complex characteristics of the sector. That's why iHealth contributes to you!


Need to integrate your health data? We can help you with this.

Interoperability is a recurring issue in the health segment. Communication between hospital systems, government and patients is still a global challenge. We can help you.


See some of our products

iHealth - Fraud Finder

  • Fraud Finder is an innovative service that aims to detect suspicions of fraud in Health Plans, in a very agile way, using machine learning mechanisms.
  • With levels of accuracy approaching 97.5%, the Fraud Finder is a service that provides anonymity for those involved (impersonal audit), speeding up the entire fraud audit process, reducing costs and thus increasing insurers profit.

iHealth & Clinerion - Patient Network Explorer

  • We found 10 to 30 times more patients than the conventional methods, in minutes and in real time;
  • We accelerate the process of recruiting patients for clinical research;
  • Expand the number of clinical trial projects.

iHealth - Analytics

  • Have operational, analytical and strategic management of your health establishment;
  • Indicators all ready, no need to build them;
  • Cognitive computing integrated with indicators;


Community revolution hands-on drugs market.



Collaborative pioneer

MediPreço is the social digital collaborative platform pioneer, leveraging mobile technology and a passionate community to transform medication market in a holistic way. Emerging from Brazil’s capital MediPreço helps people save money and share the best medication prices and pharmacies in real-time and no matter where they are.



Disruptive approach

The app consistently recommends and shows the fairest medication prices based on a smart system which cross real-time data from thousands of users. The iLevel Tech Co. and iHealth Group run the project aligning startup vision and digital expertise to its successful journey. From important health data index to relevant consumer benefits connection, MediPreço is considered one of the most disruptive platforms in the health sector eco-system.


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